Personal Expression, Release, and Exploration of the theme of "Breaking"


Done with lies

Done with cries

I slam the door and cut the ties


My eyes are gouged out

My ears securely covered


Forget everything you meant, the fire has turned to ash

You never did quite hear me

And it poisoned me and made me ill

I may be sick all on my own

I tried with you too long

And it’s hopeless now I guess

So I will burn the bridge and forget you exist

I would like to destroy myself

And this world.




Comments on: "Burned" (6)

  1. Be careful when burning bridges, that you do not burn yourself as well. The pain is hard to bear, but I hope the pain passes quickly.

    • Actually that poem was written in that mood of burning the relationship, our connection, and the bridges, it is one mood but not the complete picture. Actually I do not want to burn the bridge. Only to let go of the obsession with the relationship and the need to control the outcome…I would deeply hope that there is still a bridge either that hasn’t been burnt, or that can be rebuilt.

      • I know it too well. I just meant that I hope you don’t hurt yourself further in the process of burning said bridge of the relationship. My ex tried to do that – I know he was angry, but he only ended adding more pain to an already painful experience.

        That’s good! Hope is a good thing 🙂

  2. Thanks…I hear you…except it may be too late for me…he has completely walled me out.

  3. “I would like to destroy myself
    And this world.”
    That part was hard to read. I hope you;re feeling better than this now.

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