Personal Expression, Release, and Exploration of the theme of "Breaking"

I am letting go.  There is no relationship between us any more.  We never really were meeting each other, overall, during the relationship.  And now the trust that I did have and wanted to buildbayou broke it. I’m sure you would say the same of me.  So the relationship is broken now, I am becoming freer and freer.  I am connecting with other people in meaningful wayssee trying to keep some kind of relationship with you is not serving me.  I guess you thought you were doing the best thing for both of us, and I guess it is turning out to be true.  I am no longer tied to you.  My hopes and dreams are untangling themselves from you.  I tried everything I could to reach out to you despite your silence to break the wall but as we talked about a long time ago the other person has to be willing to have their wall broken and you are not, so I release you.  There is no relationship since you have made sure of that with your almost complete silence.  I will look to others for what I need since you never really wanted to give it and you feel so differently about relating to yourself and others than me in certain big ways.  And you blamed ME so much of the time.  You think I am the one who needs to grow and change.  Yes I do…but my ex friend, so do you.  and I am no longer beating my head against the wall trying to please you or make you see I am worth sticking by and connecting with..  


Comments on: "An Open Letter To My Ex Friend. Names Will Not Be Mentioned. Please Excuse The Mistakes Of AutoCorrect, I A" (9)

  1. I can relate cuz a month ago I was writing the same things for my ex 😦 Things get better with time though. I hope you are fine now.

  2. It hurts bad when stuff happens they we don’t understand but I promise in a year, you will look back and it won’t hurt the same. It may still be hanging around to always draw from when you need to be insecure about yourself 😉 but over all you will have lived a whole year in-between and have grown that much more to be able to find the strength that makes you even better. Sometimes we just need someone to say; it will be okay. And it will. I promise. Because one person is just that,. one person. Too bad we screwed it up in the garden. God used to make that “ONE” person custom made for us. At least that is what I believe HIS plan was in the beginning but we screwed that plan up and now we have to figure out which “one” the one HE planned for us is. Sounds like you are moving on to try to figure it out. Don’t be like me and keep looking back! You are much younger! You still have a chance to learn THAT lesson earlier than I did. 🙂 Hang in there honey! It will be okay 😉
    Thanks for stopping by! Hope you come back!

  3. Although the friend I parted ways with and I were never as close as you and your friend seemed to be, I can definitely understand this. Especially the part about him blaming you for things and feeling that you need to grow and change while accepting none of the blame himself. I can relate to that because that’s exactly how things were with my ex friend. I’m sorry things have to be this way for you. I wish it could have worked out better.

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