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Just Trying To Break Through

by shatteredandshining

Trying to go within today and deal with my wounds and try to get closer to what is real to me and get a better understanding, reached out one last time yesterday to the ex friend who has abandoned thoroughly our friendship, was rejected, he told the person who passed along the message that he was my well wisher but he was completely closed forever to anything else.  He just views me as a manipulator who he has to be totally free of.  I too need to be totally free of him.  All he does is cause pain and stand in the distance.  I am getting stronger.

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Comments on: "Just Trying To Break Through" (2)

  1. I am so sorry. It must have been really difficult to deal with him calling you a manipulator. I have never, ever seen that trait in you, btw.

    • Yes, I don’t remember that he said that specific word that particular time but he has said such things and others as bad. I still care for him and value parts of the friendship, and if he wanted to reconsider I would most likely still b friends with him to a degree. But I have as of now broken free of my intense attachment to him, my need for him, and my obsession with him, hope it doesn’t return!M

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