Personal Expression, Release, and Exploration of the theme of "Breaking"

I am NOT a “happy happy joy joy” kind of person, who believes in suppressing “negative” emotions and honestly it pushes my buttons whenever I feel someone is judging me for that. I embrace the positive, I work with the negative and accept that it will sometimes be there. That is not the same as surrendering to it. The reality is, I HAD A MAJOR HEARTBREAK very very recently, and I am not ashamed of my emotions. I am trying to work through it and recover, at my own pace. No one else’s. I will, however, look to the positive when possible and find hope and strength when and where I can, for myself, and also to be a positive force in the lives of people suffering who I may be able to help.



Comments on: "My Take On “Negative Emotions”" (4)

  1. Sometimes those who appear super happy, are the worst off. They hide the very things they should be letting out and it will just eat away at them inside. It’s just best to let it all out.

    • That can certainly be very true! I mean on the other side of my perspective is that sometimes when people have been through a lot of pain and have a chance to step out of it they really need a break and to not feel like they are drowning so sometimes they react by shutting down and tuning out anything “negative,” if I look at it from the perspective of them having been overwhelmed by pain and afraid of getting triggered I can have empathy for it, we all need to be around positivity and hope when possible.

      But my personal perspective mostly leans towards seeing the importance of people not suppressing the shadow side in other people when it really needs to come out temporarily, but to listen to it, accept its presence, validate the feelings and help heal it.

  2. I definitely agree with you on this.

  3. Thanks, good to hear from people who relate.

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