Personal Expression, Release, and Exploration of the theme of "Breaking"

My past and my inner child is one part of me. Not all of me, nevertheless I would like to find someone who will hold me and stroke my hair and listen to his part of me and my “issues, past experiences, and anxious parts of me.


Comments on: "Confession…don’t know if this could be a trigger but it is an important part of me." (5)

  1. Human contact is so healing.

    • Yes, it is. One of the things that makes life worthwhile. What I wrote about above is something that’s always been inside me but I am not often so explicit about it publicly lol, it’s exposing something, so I hope no one reads this who I do not feel good about hearing it, lol…

  2. This is sort of embarrassing but I thought I’d share…you know I lost my wife…sometimes when I’m alone in bed I stroke my own hair as if she’s doing it. I find it soothing and of some comfort. Oh how we long for human touch. Be well.

    • Nothing to be embarassed about, I understand. That is a very good thing. yes touch and soothing touch are so healing. Sometime when you are comfortable you can tell me more about your marriage.

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