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The Kind Of OCD I Have

A lot of my OCD is mental obsessions, and compulsive thinking about them, mental “checking” on my ideas about myself and relationships, and, relationship obsessions and compulsions of needing reassurance that I am cared for.

but yes I also have behavioral rituals too, which I had REALLY bad at certain points, not so bad right now.  I have magical thinking, where the intrusive thoughts tell me someone will die or suffer if I do not do a ritual to protect them, my responsibility.  A lot of this is little repetitive things, number related things, and just following the OCD’s dictates.  I had a breakdown over this in 2008.


Comments on: "The Kind Of OCD I Have" (4)

  1. I think it’s terrible to these constant thoughts in your head and understand why you had the break down. The important thing is just try to get through the day to day. Wishing you all the luck in your fight against OCD.

  2. I think I become OCD as well when it comes to relationships. I’ve been trying to control it :/

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