Personal Expression, Release, and Exploration of the theme of "Breaking"

One:  the photo quality of the collages was really poor, and two of them I couldn’t get good shots of the whole pictures so I took shots that were closer up of parts of them, lol.  So bear with me.  Also, I am no professional, obviously, lol, just trying to do what I can to create and express. 


Two:  it wasn’t until recently that I figured out how to get regular updates from many of the blogs I am subscribed to.  So many people I am only now starting to see posts in my email, or some haven’t started yet if they have not posted new entries since I changed my settings.  So more than likely, I have missed a good number of people’s posts.  In addition, people who I have been getting regular posts from, I am not always able to get to every post, especially, not right away, so sometimes I get behind on reading stuff, or even miss certain posts entirely.  Please don’t take offense.  Although there are some who never take the time to look at my stuff, and I am less likely to respond to those.


Comments on: "Notes To Readers: on Collage Photos, and, On Having Missed Some People’s Posts" (2)

  1. I get behind too hun. No worries. Do what you gotta do, and do what you can. ♥

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