Personal Expression, Release, and Exploration of the theme of "Breaking"

Right now I would like the pain of another tattoo. Burning, cutting, breaking through.  i am fantasizing about smacking a cut down my arm, and seeing the bright red blood.  No I’m not in the habit of doing this.  But at times like these it is a nice fantasy.  Why? To release the fucking  rage at this life, the frustration, the hurt, because I want an outlet for this emotion, and the stress, the anger, that has no fucking other outlet.  Because I want to take this anger out somewhere, I am so sick of life’s games, and there is nowhere for me to get it out. denial, denial, denial, that is what life seems to like to offer me.  What am I doing in this world? Don’t tell me I’m here to learn, and that its all for my good. 


Comments on: "I Want Pain (trigger warning! References to depression and thoughts of Self Injury" (4)

  1. I often wonder the same shit…

  2. It felt good to me just reading it, lol. Thanks

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