Personal Expression, Release, and Exploration of the theme of "Breaking"

What is the fixation with breaking? With the concept of someone “breaking” me? It’s a fetish and a fixation but what exactly is it? I think it’s someone being intimate enough with me to understand my vulnerabilities, and “cracking the shell” so to speak, piercing through it, breaking me down to who I really am and to a raw and vulnerable and open state. Taking control of me in one sense, in the sense of being somewhat forceful and guiding me in it. And the person being there for me and supporting me through it and reassuring me that they are there. I think all this is what I mean when I say “break me” for the most part and in a deep way. And this has a lot in common with some therapies and spiritual initiations, except it for me has an intimate, romantic, sexual, element as well…and love is present.


Comments on: "What is my fascination with “breaking” really? It can mean different things, but…here’s probably the biggest for me…" (18)

  1. I think that is beautiful, have you ever had a relationship like that before? where u are dominated and u totally submit? just wondering?

    • Thank you so much!! No, I never have…that part of me never found its fulfillment…though I don’t think I could have a relationship though with total submission in all aspects of my life.

  2. no but u could just start off with a sexual one and see if u like it

  3. well maybe u can write about it instead, like what ur fantasy is, whether is be sexual, mental, spiritual, or emotional masturbation…like what u picture it would be like for u…ya know like one of those cheap dirty romance novels,,,,hehehe except your take and what u r thinking about ur bdsm fantasies are? nothing wrong with that, have u ever watched bdsm porn? u don’t have to tell me, just wondering, some of it is really effin nasty as hell, not my style but nothing wrong with being dominated especially if u love the man and he loves u too

    • I have written some limited things, but did not go into as much as I could have. I posted a couple things on a private blog, I could invite you to it, I have like four or five people who I invited to it…as for BDSM porn, no I have never seen it, except photographs, no videos…I should write more! You are right!

    • Also, I am experiencing some confusions on the whole thing about the degree to which I am into the BDSM versus non BDSM I don’t know how to explain it, I feel I am kind of on the borderline lol

  4. yes invite me would love to read it

  5. Ok I will, I have to figure out again how to invite. πŸ™‚ thanks for your interest.

  6. there is nothing wrong in role play otherwise sex missionary style gets old and boring, I don’t want the crap kicked out of me tho, hehehe. but being tied up and spanked, I’m all for, obviously there’s a lot more to it than that or u would prob just laugh in the guys face. and he would probably get his ass kicked by me, lol… safe word or not! lol

    • I know there is kink in the bedroom, which can be anything from bondage to the actual infliction of pain, and it is different for everyone and there are all different degrees, and then there are full time twenty four seven dominant/submissive relationships and there are also different types and degrees of submission and there are the physical aspects, there are psychological aspects, and everyone’s personal kink is different too even though some are much more similar than others…and all I know is what I personally am into, or interested in, and some of it I don’t even know assuredly because live and learn, and I have a number of things to learn, although some things are more clear and some less clear…I feel though like I don’t fit anywhere…

      • I think u should write more about it but also there has to be some sort of underground room one can join or something, have no clue but I know u won’t find it or fit in unless u do something about it

      • Well there are websites such as and I think it is…I don’t know it’s just something I have to figure out…I am feeling somewhat confused right now, all I know is who I am but not where I “belong,” at any rate, ill work on this all more.

  7. I really like this. I honestly hope that you can find this person. It’s a long, hard road. A road I have been traveling for most of my life. I will be there for you, through this whole process. No matter what you can count on me!

  8. Loved the post. It does resonate with my recent blog titled, ” The Mask”.

    As we gain the awareness of the various aspects within us which stop us from breaking or being un-masked, we become more empowered.


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