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People must have a real alternative if they are to not use modern psychiatry, and most of the holistic treatments and especially retreats are too expensive. Real alternatives.

Now me, myself, I am not against the treatments of modern psychiatry if they help someone (including me because I feel I benefit from psych meds), although of course I AM against abuses and neglects within the system that happen frequently and I am against dehumanization and disempowerment of people by treating us as if we are incompetents, children, or the worst, non-persons. I am also against PUSHING meds on people who find that other things help them more. I mean meds can help and I find it unfortunate when people who DO need meds and would be helped by them refuse to take them, but there are some who find for themselves that other things are what makes their personal realities enter places to be, and that meds are detrimental for them. And there are also those who have experienced traumatization at the hands of “mental health professionals,” and for them meds and the system are just not doable sometimes, and they have that right to do what thy need to do to take care of THEMSELVES in the way that feels best for them, including if that does NOT include meds or the system.

It’s all about choice and empowerment of the individual, whether that includes meds and psychiatry, or doesn’t.


Comments on: "My Views About Mental Health And The Pro Versus Anti Psychiatry Debate, Seeing The In Betweens" (2)

  1. Beautifully written. I think we need more options and I agree it is about empowerment.

    • Thank you 🙂 this was the response I had written to you earlier in email basically word for word, but I decided it would be worth posting…so many people see this debate in black and white, they either think psychiatrists are infallible and medication is always th answer, or they are vehemently anti-psychiatry and condemn medication as bad for one reason or another, make all psychiatrists and non alternative practitioners out to be at best misguided and at worst abusive, and many actually deny the existence of mental illness, valid diagnoses, and sometimes the real suffering that many people undergo. I get frustrated with belief systems that fail to see middle ground, and fail to see the wrongs that can come about from either view held in a dogmatic way.

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