Personal Expression, Release, and Exploration of the theme of "Breaking"

I don’t always know what’s real or who I am.  But I know I need to accept myself including in the aspects of me that are broken, and the way my mind works, for good and bad.  Or I should put “bad” in quotes.  Just because it is the way it is doesn’t make it “bad”.  i also know that I have not given up on finding the partner in life who will accept me and love me the way I am, including my light and dark sides, brokenness and whole ness, vulnerability and strengths, see and accept me…ok I know no relationship is perfect, but I believe this exists, though very rare. It seems that most people tend to run from people wanting too much or being ok with expressing themselves how they are, and their complexity of emotion.   A lot of people are afraid of really being there through someone’s insecurities.  Now, I know there is such a thing as being TOO dependent on another person, and looking for someone to fix all your problems.  I am not advocating that.  But I am advocating being there for me including if my emotions aren’t always the most comfortable to deal with, and I am advocating loving me in and through anxiety and insecurity, and appreciating my vulnerabilities, if I also make an effort to not lay TOO much on someone and to have my own strength from within, and to do the same for the other person.  This is a relationship I hope to have one day.


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