Personal Expression, Release, and Exploration of the theme of "Breaking"

I will continuously strive to break my own walls and masks.  I have social anxiety.  I am always (well, NOT ALWAYS) hiding in a shell and protecting myself. Yes, I will continue to protect myself when called for. However, this is a big barrier for me. So I will try to break it sometimes.  yesterday I sang karaoke at my day program.  I get very nervous and self conscious about singing, and when I do perform, I get blocked by inhibition and it often doesn’t come out right. Still, I risked it, because I really wanted to sing, and I said fuck it.  I didn’t feel I did my best, and I sang off key a few times.  But so what.  I can be me, I don’t have to be perfect. 


Comments on: "Breaking My Social Barriers (Social Anxiety, Inhibitions, Etc.)" (3)

  1. They had karaoke in the hospital I was in. I didn’t want to sing alone so I choose “Imagine” by John Lennon and everyone sang along. I’m glad you gave it a try and did it.

  2. When I did karaoke for the first time, it scared me so much even though I was with my friends. I sang with a friend but my voice was hardly audible at times because I was so scared people would laugh at me… no one laughed though and in the end we spent the whole night singing karaoke and it was awesome and I now love it 🙂 I guess it’s the same with social anxiety and singing… practice makes perfect (but it’s hard).
    So well done of you for overcoming yourself! Awesome 🙂 xx

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