Personal Expression, Release, and Exploration of the theme of "Breaking"

He brushed my hair back with his fingers …”Shhh…it’s all right…he whispered softly to me in my ear…he turned my head so I was facing him and he gazed directly, deeply into my eyes…he kissed my eyes and my cheeks, kissed the tears away. Then he pulled my head back somewhat forcefully so my neck was exposed and kissed it, softly and slowly…I instinctively clutched at him, pulled him closer…I wanted him to love me and I wanted him to violate me. He held me against him, cradled me in his arms, stroking my hair with one hand, while his other hand found other, secret places, I felt myself tremble…


Comments on: "An Erotic One, To Me, I Wrote A Couple Of Months Or So Ago. Warning You So If You Are Bothered By Such Things, Don’t Read It." (4)

  1. Your writing is remarkable. I still have a problem within myself with the word “violate” when it comes to women. I think I know what you mean though feel free to express what you mean if you can. I think some of it has to do with being a man…feeling it improper to violate a woman in any way. Not wanting to cross a boundary with her and wanting to place her in a sacred place. I admire your exploration of this though.

    Damn wordpress won’t let me post!!!

    • Thanks for being open about how you feel about it…I can understand and respect your feelings on it. What I mean by it isn’t an abuse though, not an unwanted or cruel violation. It’s hard to explain it unless you have an instinctual understanding of the way I mean it…it’s the BDSM aspect of course…but the word does have a very negative connotation and a lot of times it does mean something very wrong, so I understand, and I love your compassionate and respectful nature..

      I am completely against actual unwanted, coerced, or manipulated abuse and violation.

  2. Beautifully sensual write…

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