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One Of Those Moods

That last blog was venting, and feeling bad. I am in one of “those moods.” Hopefully it won’t last long, but this world and its alienation and loneliness gets to me. I get sick of trying to reach out and barely get a response. What the fuck is wrong with this world I wonder sometimes. And, judge if you want to for having the audacity to think people could actually connect with me in ways I keep wanting them to. Judge me for having desire and needs.

If you don’t like these words, whoever may be reading, sorry.

Maybe my mood will be better later.


Comments on: "One Of Those Moods" (3)

  1. i relate to the alienation,as my siblings have done so since my teens,no constant in my life ,fly by nights ,who come ,take,and dissapear.Very hurtful,and kills self worth[happens on facebook so often]

  2. I have a lot of empathy for you, David.

    And yes it does kill self worth.

    Happens to me a lot on Facebook…and at times anywhere I go I feel like that online…I am involved in a page I joined recently for BDSM…I have gotten a lot of good from it but a couple times including last night I felt very alienated and ignored. Today I haven’t felt that way…these types of feelings come and go with me.

    Thank you for reading my blog, I don’t know how often you read it…

  3. We don’t know each other but I just wanted to say … your mood doesn’t have to be better. you’re entitled to your feelings, whatever they may be at that moment, and screw anyone who says otherwise. 🙂 since I started blogging here on WP, I’ve felt less alienated, but in my day to day life even though I’m around people I feel judged and alone. so I can definitely relate to what you said here.

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