Personal Expression, Release, and Exploration of the theme of "Breaking"

I am still learning..,a long way to thing, I am submissive in aspects of me, but definitely not a slave. I couldn’t surrender my whole will and life to another person twenty four/seven. I need to have strength in myself and a sense of who I am, and I know myself and what I need better than anyone in a lot of ways. I want to express the aspect that is submissive, but I also want to be an individual and have my own sense of strength and self within me, plus I have yet to find someone I could totally entrust everything in me to, lol. This is where I am at now, I am not judging anyone or trying to speak for anyone else, this is just where I personally am at.

I want to find someone who I really connect with on a heart and soul level, first and foremost, someone who can know, accept, understand, and love me…but I also want them to have a dominant side, where they can take control and guide me at times, protect me, comfort me, and push my limits at times and help me break through. I want to be able to give myself, and know I will be Safe and Loved.

I want to be able to at times submit in a sensual and sexual sense…to play and be taken control of, and overcome. I want to be able to experience surrender. I want to give myself over and be taken over at certain times.

Also it’s possible that with the right person, I could switch, too, IF he wanted me to….

Where I’m at


Comments on: "Articulating Where I Am At As Someone With Submissive Side" (13)

  1. Gemini Gemma said:

    I don’t think its possible to be a slave, unless of course you are kidnapped and sold into slavery. But when it comes to a BDSM relationship aspect, I think that no matter how submissive we might be, we are still individuals. For example, I am very submissive to my hubby in some cases more than sexually. But nevertheless I am still an individual I articulate my opinions on issues pertaining to our family and he respects my inputs. He may not necessarily agree or adopt my way, however, he weighs the benefits and so forth and in the end he is the one who makes the decisions. I still have my own hobbies, my own little projects and my emotional.physical space whenever I require a mental recharge. So no, I am hardly a push over lol. I think because of feminism, women are so scared to being a certain way because they think it may lead them to somewhere where they will be subjugated. This cannot happen however if there is trust and communication between a couple, and that is most important. If two people do not have that, I do not even know how a BDSM relationship could exist in such a case. To me a BDSM relationship symbolizes the epitome of a trustworthy loving relationship, because both parties are willing to go down and dirty, and ultimately this foster further growth. 🙂

  2. “I want to be able to give myself, and know I will be Safe and Loved.”


  3. ohhh I would do great with the switch part, nothing like telling a man to get on his fucking knees and kiss my feet, ordering him around and making him obey, sounds like my cup of tea, lol…
    No I’ve never done it but it would have to be someone I do not respect and did not love but anyways fun thoughts to think about!

    • Lol…for me though its kind of the opposite, if I was going to switch to take control in the sexual/sensual sense it would have to be someone who I did care for and had a connection with, and who was open to it…but not saying I need to do it, just that I may be able to get into it if someone wanted me to, but only rare people. 🙂

  4. Or just someone with the right emotional connection and aspects…

  5. See and I think as for me to submit to a man, once again, the mother fucker better be strong and not some pussy, he better know what he’s doing, and I don’t know it would have to be with someone I do not know, like some random stranger that I am never to see again but as for a full on relationship with someone you love who loves you, role play is the best, it might work but I would have to get mentally prepared or I would just end up laughing at him, very hard I assume to find that right person with all the right qualities and where do u find men like these? It might be fun to try as a rebound for me…

    • Lol! 🙂 yes…that makes me think…a relationship with role playing, but overall without domination and submission extending into other areas, versus one with d/s permeating the hole relationship…

      Yeah, very VERY hard to find the right person…sigh…

      Maybe on the rebound you could have a More casual relationship, with a guy who you were friends with and there was chemistry, but which didn’t go further than play…

  6. Two many autocorrect mistakes in that last comment! Lol…oh, and also, I’m sure you realize by play I mean having fun sexually but not more serious…and where you two both agreed to it

  7. yea maybe — I just have to meet some guy friends first, I’ll see but yea it would only be in the bedroom for me for sure cause if some prick thinks he’s gonna boss me around outside the bedroom it will not work! lol….Yea I’ll start asking “Hey are u a dominant?” and see what a guy says, he should know what I mean, right? lol…nothing like your arms being pinned behind your back, with your legs spread wide open, waiting for him to give you complete pleasure, I see it, very erotic, you need to start looking for this someone and give it a shot, let us know how it goes.

  8. Ohhh and he definitely loves to give spanks too 😛

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