Personal Expression, Release, and Exploration of the theme of "Breaking"


Some people like to sit in judgement, and claim how much worse their problems are than yours. There are all different degrees of suffering. I’m sure there is always something worse, even thean yours. Does that make your problems “nothing?” These people have a lot of gall and can go f themselves. When they accuse you of whining and complaining and how their suffering is real and yours isn’t. Not to mention when they have complained about similar things before too.

Such people, if all they can do is sit there and judge and hate, have no place in my vicinity. They say they want to be left alone, more than happy to do it for ya. Maybe I felt connected to them before, but they have changed that with their invalidations. No love lost, no love found, as the Eminem and Lil Wayne song says.

If someone was to be mean to me, and genuinely wanted to reach out again and apologize, I would open my heart enough for them, in many cases. But if not than I have no interest in doing so either, and they can go live in hate of me, far away from me.


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