Personal Expression, Release, and Exploration of the theme of "Breaking"

Something i was just starting to write in a very down mood, before i received an email that made me feel much better…but i was hurting:

Why do I bother? Why do I? I guess I have to just live in this life until my time comes to go. I would consider suicide but I do not want to die. I want to live. And, I fear death, I couldn’t go through with it. Plus it would hurt people. So just put one foot in front of the other. Walk on the “boulevard of broken dreams.” Which is what is happening. It makes me sad, it makes me angry, it makes me want to do some damage. But I’m not the violent type. It makes me think about SI. Although I rarely have acted on that.


Comments on: "Trigger Warning: Thoughts from just before in a bad state, my mood has since changed." (3)

  1. I’m so sorry, Nikki *hugs*
    I’m glad the email made you feel better 🙂

  2. Safe hugs, if wanted xxx

  3. Thanks to both of you. ❤

    Luckily in the middle of writing this, I had an email that turned my mood around.

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