Personal Expression, Release, and Exploration of the theme of "Breaking"

Take Me

It flows through me like lava, burning my soul

It makes me want to shake and lose all control

Sometimes it breaks me, sometimes it makes me feel whole

It makes me live, when life has taken its toll

It wants what it wants but disappears at a whim

It teases and taunts and sometimes fills to the brim

To be there with it I have to go out on a limb

The way to contact it leads through the within

I write and talk to you and ask you to stay

I don’t want to bother you but I have so much to say

The cracks in the walls come out when we play

You know I’ll be there with you, come what may.

Comments on: "Take Me" (4)

  1. That is lovely Nikki ♥

  2. Hi Nikki,

    I really appreciate your writing. It is just really good. I wrote this poem based on “Take Me”. I showed it to you before, but I thought I would post it here.

    Finding the Immortal

    Lava flows through me, burning my soul.
    I shake, broken.
    My self-control of my emotions
    Is lost in my disappeared life.
    I am filled to the brim
    With bitterness,
    Bruised darkly in an emptiness
    That should be replete
    With love, play, and dance.

    I sing of contact,
    The way it leads
    To being there,
    Present and steadfast,
    Among the immortal.

    • Thank you very much Tim, and your poem based on mine is very very good. It has a whole different meaning than mine, which is good since we are two different people writing poems. I do like yours a lot.

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