Personal Expression, Release, and Exploration of the theme of "Breaking"

Disappear (Trigger Warning)

Do people in this world give a shit? Are people in this world capable of seeing and accepting who I am? Do people just expect me to hide or to disappear? Do people like me for select parts of me? Why do people only want to see pictures of me smiling? Do people expect me to conform to their ideas about beauty or social acceptability? These things make me really angry and sick of this world at times, when it feels like that. How dare they try to destroy me or put me in their boxes. Sometimes I get sick of this world. Sometimes I get sick of my mind. Sometimes I get sick of endless hurt and disappointment.

Barely anyone out there cares what I have to share or who I am. That’s fine. If so you keep your distance from me and I’ll keep my distance from you.


Comments on: "Disappear (Trigger Warning)" (6)

  1. You are lovely just the way you are! So true how some people want to only see us smile. I get so tired of that too…it is like “Have we met?!” I had someone make a comment on facebook that I wasn’t posting “beautiful things” enough…well shit on them. I’m real and you are real. They can either take us or leave us but we still have a right to be. My best to you. Sending love and wishes for peace of mind.

  2. I am sorry that people try to conform you to their ideas. That is not the way things should be. In an ideal world we will always and truthfully love each other for who we are. If it means anything to you, I love you as a person for who you are, not for who society wants you to be. Trust me, on the road to finding oneself, I’m not expert. It is a long and hard road. I promise, though, to be there for you. All I ask is that you do the same for me.

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