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On Not Pushing People Into Forgiveness At Times or Ways That They Are Not Ready


Comments on: "On Not Pushing People Into Forgiveness At Times or Ways That They Are Not Ready" (3)

  1. Thank you for too long I have struggled dealing with people who intentionally go out to hurt me and this whole forgiveness issue. IF I do not forgive than I can’t move on… I haven’t forgotten those hurts and I have become plagued and torn with how do I move on and away from these toxic situations and grow as human? How do I heal effectively and what does forgiveness mean? Does it mean that I am supposed to voice my forgiveness to this person? or should I show I forgive by not wallowing in my own self pity over the situation? I tend to write,, I write poems, I write stories, I write blogs because all this crazy shit that I have dealt with is endless source material that is and can be entertaining. Is that my way of getting on with my life or wallowing in the situation? Or is it processing? either way I am thankful to be given permission to not have to deal with the forgiveness issue and just move on letting time rest the pieces wherever they might fall

    • I am very glad that it helped you to read this. <3. Yeah it is a good question you raise…I've heard similar questions being asked…I wish I had a good answer…I think probably there is a balance between the extremes of either wallowing, or in denying of pain and negative feelings. I think it's good to process and release stuff when it is done to heal or to fulfill a need that is important to us but when it is just feeding an obsession and stoking a fire of drowning in certain kinds of feelings may be time to pull back from them when it is possible to do so. I don't believe people should be shamed for the pain they feel though or told to just get over it or anything like that…at least these are my beliefs, if they don't work for someone I am not pushing anything on anyone, different people have their own processes. And I guess we have to find what works for us and our own way of balancing or determining what is needed.

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