Personal Expression, Release, and Exploration of the theme of "Breaking"

Part Two

Ten Years Later


Nadia didnt want to go to the party that night, but her friend Laynie had been insisting.  Laynie hated going to parties alone, due to her agoraphobia and mild social anxiety issues, and the friends that normally went with her were either busy or out of town.  She loved parties though, she just needed a companion with her to help her feel at ease.  She also liked to push her own boundaries socially, she didn’t want to be ruled by her fears.  She also thought Nadia needed to push herself more too.  So, she had insisted that Nadia accompany her.  


They had had met at a support group for people with depression and bipolar disorder.  Nadia had forced herself to go, to break out of her all-too-often isolation which had gotten worse lately since her last breakup.  Her boyfriend, Sean, had been the person she had spent most of her time with.  She was shy and introverted, although not to the extent that she had been growing up, she still shied away from people and struggled at making new friends.  She also didn’t trust people very much and preferred her own company and that of her books and music to that of most people out there.  She had learned the hard way through life how messed up people could be.  And also most were so superficial, all they cared about were trivial things most of the time, and they were so damn judgemental.  Sean though, had developed a liking to her, and had made his way past some of her defenses, by being assertive and persistent, and she had developed feelings for him.  But a month before, he had broken up with her, he couldn’t deal very well with her insecurities and mood swings, and got fed up and decided he needed a clean break, and she had been devastated.  She had at first called him obsessively, feeling she couldn’t live without him.  But he ignored her calls.  She had felt abandoned and broken at first, and had lost all interest in living and in doing anything,  but slowly she started taking interest in other things again, and not wanting to be stuck in isolation.  So she had made herself go to that group, she needed a human connection and besides, she had suffered from depression off and on for as long as she could remember, to one degree or another.  


So Nadia had desired to come out of her shell some, and forced herself, despite her nervousness, to go to that meeting.   There, she had been befriended by Laynie, a sweet, pretty girl who could be rather bubbly when she wasn’t in depression, and who suffered from mild social anxiety, so could relate to Nadia, plus, agoraphobia, which in Laynie’s case kept her from going out alone. 


Laynie had insisted that Nadia go to this party tonight with her, and Nadia had given in, because she did want to have more fun in her life, and you never knew, she could meet some new people, although mostly she was going because Laynie was looking forward to it so much. 


So Nadia took extra care with her appearance that evening, choosing a little black dress that accentuated her curves, making sure her long, silky dark hair looked just right, and applying dark eyeliner and lipstick.  


and allowed herself to feel twinges of excitement about what the evening would bring. 

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