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Ardent Desire (an erotic poem, a reblog from Poetic Passions)

Ardent Desire.

Take Me

It flows through me like lava, burning my soul

It makes me want to shake and lose all control

Sometimes it breaks me, sometimes it makes me feel whole

It makes me live, when life has taken its toll

It wants what it wants but disappears at a whim

It teases and taunts and sometimes fills to the brim

To be there with it I have to go out on a limb

The way to contact it leads through the within

I write and talk to you and ask you to stay

I don’t want to bother you but I have so much to say

The cracks in the walls come out when we play

You know I’ll be there with you, come what may.

“Break Me Open” poem

Break Me Open

I wait here for the doors to open
I welcome the release
The crack in the wall is my freedom

Smashing of boundaries
Wide open spaces
Where artificial fixtures

Finally no longer stand.

The storm.
The hurricane.
Smashes the house

And the gates fall
The structure crumbles
And my world appears intact,

So blast it open.

Tear me apart
Hurt me!
Because my world is not real,
Is not real!

Break me,
So I can live.
Hold me down,
So I can be safe,
And not float away.



A poem I wrote in 2005… Video done about a half year or so ago…repost, it’s been awhile.

A Poem I Found Today That I Liked… “The Citadel of Her Submission”

The Citadel of her Submission
My lady was searching
Her mind a whirl
Pain ravaged her body
She was looking for peace

The gates of my heart
Opened wide
As my arms spread open
She found peace

She entered in
I took her in

We found
Each other
The Citadel of
Her Submission.

Sustenance (Poem)

There’s so much I want to say

So much of Reality that I would like to put words and images to
To make manifest in forms
But the waters are murky and muddy
And the picture hidden from view
Bang my head against the wall
The glass needs breaking
Like a coconut, hard to crack
And encased

In a hard shell

The warm liquid inside is sustenance
But the shell…
It’s hard to break.
I want to be
Where the waters intermingle
Where the colors flash and shine
As what they are
As the multiple facets, indispensable
Of the one Reality
Inviolate,undisturbed,yet open,soft,and yielding

Fountain of Being Inside Me


I am like a fountain

Sometimes turned on.

life pouring out of me

Spilling out

Sometimes, turned off.

Nothing flowing

Silent and still.

I look to speak, to you.

Speaking to you, articulating the waters within

Can turn on the fountain.

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