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Love, Comfort, Spankings, BDSM

There is love…being embraced, understood, cared for, known, and doing so in turn..

-There is being comforted. There is wanting someone to see your pain, and, wanting your pain to make them pull closer to you…to soothe the pain and soothe you. To heal you, and to take you, and, take care of you inside. To want to get as close to you as possible and melt you inside, and kiss the pain away, and to take control in a sense, during that.

-There is also wanting them to have the control at times over you where they can spank you, punish you, make you vulnerable in that sense…bring out your tears and break you down to an extent. But… at the same time where you feel safe and cared for during that and know that they wouldn’t take inflicting pain or punishment too far or purposely TRULY hurt you. And that they are there for you, and want you, and will not leave you …and will hold you afterwards, and comfort you.

Confession…don’t know if this could be a trigger but it is an important part of me.

My past and my inner child is one part of me. Not all of me, nevertheless I would like to find someone who will hold me and stroke my hair and listen to his part of me and my “issues, past experiences, and anxious parts of me.

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