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I Dream

I dream of him, the one I haven’t met yet, the one I kept looking for. Opening me, reaching inside, loving me, soothing me, protecting me, knowing me. And allowing me to do the same for him, learning together how to take down the walls. Breaking me at times, bringing my tears to the surface, holding me in his arms.


An Erotic One, To Me, I Wrote A Couple Of Months Or So Ago. Warning You So If You Are Bothered By Such Things, Don’t Read It.

He brushed my hair back with his fingers …”Shhh…it’s all right…he whispered softly to me in my ear…he turned my head so I was facing him and he gazed directly, deeply into my eyes…he kissed my eyes and my cheeks, kissed the tears away. Then he pulled my head back somewhat forcefully so my neck was exposed and kissed it, softly and slowly…I instinctively clutched at him, pulled him closer…I wanted him to love me and I wanted him to violate me. He held me against him, cradled me in his arms, stroking my hair with one hand, while his other hand found other, secret places, I felt myself tremble…

Three Kinds Of Breaking, Boundaries (possible trigger warning, not sure)

Ok a couple of years ago I told a friend that I had come up with a theory of breaking…three types of breaking…

1) negative breaking… That is someone sets out to destroy you, to abuse you, to crucify you.

2) positive breaking… Someone breaks your walls down and opens you up, so you can feel again, so you can melt and dissolve and truly touch another person inside

3) borderline breaking… This is the razor’s edge between positive and negative, which is a dangerous but magical domain.  This combines elements of both positive and negative, and it can be unclear whether this is “bad” or “good.” One can have very mixed feelings and this is the edge, the place where you are taken to a level you may be afraid of yet long for, or where you may hate someone for doing to you yet it may be the best thing anyone ever did to you, in one sense.  

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