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This is how I feel. If it will disturb you, don’t read.

I’m beyond frustrated with the stupid state of things and human beings. I have had enough. I will not be tossed around anymore by my needs for others or by others themselves. Anyone who does not accept me, care for me, and want me in their lives is free to walk away. All I need is people who are willing to stick it out with me. I deserve to be treated with respect and compassion. Not to be disregarded and thrown out when inconvenient. I have had it with being vulnerable to abandonment and hurt. I will NOT let you break me. The kind of breaking I want…well that’s something entirely different and is only with someone I trust.

“No you can’t bring me down, cuz I’m already here.” Three Doors Down

One Of Those Moods

That last blog was venting, and feeling bad. I am in one of “those moods.” Hopefully it won’t last long, but this world and its alienation and loneliness gets to me. I get sick of trying to reach out and barely get a response. What the fuck is wrong with this world I wonder sometimes. And, judge if you want to for having the audacity to think people could actually connect with me in ways I keep wanting them to. Judge me for having desire and needs.

If you don’t like these words, whoever may be reading, sorry.

Maybe my mood will be better later.

Really Frustrated And Tired Of It All

Kind of had it with being around. No one really can connect to me on the multiple levels and intimately. I don’t want to be around. People relate to one thing, or another, and ignore what they don’t like. I need to give up.

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