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Video of “Borderline”

My poem previously posted in here

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Faith Nikki Ian
Steven Leon Farrimond
Faith Nikki Ian
Faith Nikki Ian


But fighting for survival.

I’ve been walking on the borderline
For a long time.
Used to the mediated light
Forgetting that the sun
Is still intact.

Break me!
Take me beyond,
Take me through.

Show me that
I’m still alive, here, and real.

I’ll get down on my hands and knees.
Destroy me.
Your pain is healing.

I forgot who I was
In solitary confinement.
From my tomb it takes war to free me sometimes,
Violent rescue.

At the borderline
You take and hold me there, on the edge.
It’s a razor wire, you know.

Turn one way, it’s dangerous.

You might go over the line.

I have been waiting here
Bound and shackled.
A prisoner
Studying the bars on the walls

But I never give up
On living again.

Steven Leon Farrimond



Some people think of “breaking” and “broken” as bad things but there are some things that do need to be broken. Bad habits, a lot of inhibitions, walls, sometimes defenses, structures that cause more harm than good…self prisons…hard shells…obsolete social standards and taboos…but should people take it upon themselves to try to do this to another person? Only if there is enough trust, willingness, and caring involved…people’s boundaries and limitations need to be respected too…but in the right context it is not a bad thing, just has to be the right context

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