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Learning From Like Mindedness, Learning From Opposition


. I feel what I want and need right now ARE like minded people, to connect with those who I can connect with and bring out the Me in me. However I’m sure I can learn from friction too, but I’m sick of it . If it leads to synthesis and mutual understanding though…right on. If not, well, it’s true we learn from friction too yes, we learn more who we are, what needs to change and what despite opposition stands strong or comes back.

Random Thoughts…On Acceptance, Being Accepted, and Accepting Different Aspects

If people can’t understand me or who I really am, maybe I shouldn’t blame them or dwell on them, because not everybody is at a place where they CAN do this.  I know who I am.  And even what I do not know, I still am what I am.  Just attract those who get it, and me, and let go of the others.

Sometimes someone else can see and point out the good in us that we do not see.  This happened to me recently.  I felt that someone saw, accepted, and encouraged me, someone I have a lot of respect for.  May it continue.

Sometimes in the search for Ultimate Reality one can get too caught up in that, and dismiss THE REST of Reality.

i am MORE than my mental illness, yet I HAVE a mental illness.  I am not just like everybody else, yet, I am.

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